Project Description


In the beautiful leafy surrounds of Kilsyth North, the team from STEM replanted a beautifully constructed waterbody. After being overgrown with Lilies, this is something we see too often, whereby people plant lilies and they end up taking over an entire dam! With the help of Semken Landscaping, most of the lilies were removed and we were able to work our magic by planting some native water species that help with the biodiversity of the area.

As usual we were excited to see all the thriving inhabitants of the area, as this shows the health of an area and we are maintaining a home and space for both humans and animal species to enjoy together.

If you love lilies, we reccomend to plant them in a concrete pot underwater, this will help prevent these beautiful but noxious plants from spreading. Lilies are extremely invasive and take away many habitats for insects and animals by smothering the ecosystem. Please be aware of our native environments and plant with expert advice.