Design Planting Plan

We pride ourselves on selecting the right plants for you & your garden.

The Design Planting Plan is part of our design process but can also be a seperate service especially for people with gardens that are established, semi-established or simply that you may require a garden refresh. We can provide a planting schedule to work with the existing features & site requirements.

The Design Planting Plan provides a detailed plan of the recommended plants along with a schedule of heights, widths and pot sizes. 

If required we also include a basic irrigation plan & maintenance schedule. 

Once we have completed the Design Planting Plan we will organise a meeting and present your plan. We will guide you through the types of plants selected & answer any questions you may have. You will be provided with the prints which you can go over & if any alterations are needed we will make changes within 5 working days upon your request. 

*Please note: All plans are also provided as digital copies.