STEM Landscape Architecture & Design was created to provide beautiful natural designs respective of our unique Australian environments. 

We possess a strong commitment to design sustainable gardens that are not only beautiful but function with the purpose to sustain wildlife and better this beautiful earth.

We want to connect people back to the environment, to allow children and adults to explore and understand nature and to better our urban surroundings in ways that they can allow for biodiversity of animals and ecosystems.



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Emmaline Bowman

The director & founder of STEM. Emmaline has a Bachelor of Design & Masters in Landscape Architecture.

Emmaline believes that every answer can be delivered when you look into nature, & she strives in creating environments that respect Australian flora & fauna in ways that are not only beneficial but beautiful. Emmaline loves all animals (even the creepy ones), getting out into nature, travelling, drawing, aquariums and spending time on her family farm.     



With a degree in Urban Horticulture from Melbourne University’s Burnley campus, Bree is a landscape designer and horticulturist with STEM. 

Bree enjoys incorporating elements of nature play into her designs and believes landscapes should be inviting and enticing for children. When she’s not at STEM, Bree teaches garden class to primary school students and helps them grow their own food. She believes that it’s never too late (or early) to start learning about plants and letting nature in. Bree loves hiking, camping and observing the diversity and resilience of Australia’s native flora.


Melissa stagg

With a Bachelor & Masters in Landscape Architecture, Mel is an Associate Landscape Architect with STEM.

Mel has had a life long fascination and curiosity with the natural world, and believes that its not possible to be in nature and not learn something new; as long as you’re forever observant. Mel is a passionate environmentalist, remaining active in environment groups in her home of the Goulburn Valley. Mel enjoys hiking, camping, botanical drawing, nature photography, wildlife spotlighting, gardening and travelling. 



Stein RIngstad

With a Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Stein manages all the accounts at STEM and is one to jump in the water when assisting in water plant outs.

Stein is from Norway and is the ST in STEM. Growing up as a kid Stein spent most of his time at his families summer island cabin within a beautiful fiord. This means he spent most of his time in the water so its hard to keep him out. Stein loves free diving, fishing, hiking, exercise and learning about all the wonderful things this Earth has to offer.