The Aquarium Principle

All too often we hear people talking about balance. Balance your work and personal life, balance your diet and exercise. It seems that everything around us is about balance.

And what happens when we can’t balance all these things? That’s right, we experience instability where things don’t quite work. This is especially true of the natural environment where plants and animals have evolved over millennia to be in balance with one another.



Growing up on a farm gives you experiences like no other. I was fortunate to grow up with farming parents who were environmentally conscious. My father respected all animals, except foxes and rabbits or anything he considered pest species. 

When my siblings or I started screaming that there was a spider in the house dad would say "Oh, poor incy wincy spider. Don't kill him, he does good. He eats all those pesky bugs and keeps the flies away." To our horror, he would pick it up and put it outside.